Activity Tracks

In addition to the traditional camp activities, each camper in EXPLORER CAMP, YOUNG TEEN CAMP and SENIOR TEEN CAMP can choose a morning track. This track will include many activities in that field. Take a look at the descriptions and choose the one that you’d like most.

THERE ARE NO EXTRA FEES FOR ANY OF THE TRACKS. However, they are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

EC = Open to Explorer Campers YTC = Open to Young Teen Campers STC = Open to Senior Teen Campers

  • Nature (EC, YTC, STC)

    Campers will spend time in animal study, fishing, geocaching, and basic wilderness survival. Campers are encouraged to bring their own fishing poles.

  • ADventure (EC, YTC, STC)

    Can't decide on just one track? Get a taste of all of them! Join the adventure track, where campers will spend each day as a group joining other tracks to get a wide range of activities. Some of the activities they may partake in are team sports, archery, cooking, water fun, and many other adventurous activities. 


    Be prepared to get wet as you spend time participating in some great water fun. Games, sports and all things water will keep you buys during your activity track time.

    Senior teen campers will have the chance to knee board or water ski!


    Do you like to serve or help others? The Service track will spend their time tackling a few small service projects that make a big difference. This may include writing thank you's to staff, washing tie dye, repainting a few benches, and more!


    If drama, arts & crafts, photography and cooking are your thing then the Creative track is for you! Campers should bring their own digital cameras and memory cards.


    Campers will spend their time playing a variety of team sports, which might include basketball, volleyball, soccer, and ultimate frisbee.

  • Target sports (YTC, STC)

    Campers will spend one day at our sling shot range and archery range, two days at the rifle range, and one day playing paintball.

  • Worship Arts (STC)

    Do you enjoy singing or playing an instrument? You’ll gain hands-on experience leading and preparing for worship.


    Do you like to be challenged? The Low Ropes track will spend each day out on our low ropes course working group challenges. These challenges will start small and progress in difficulty each day