Woodcutter's Work Day

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What do we do?

The goal of these days is to “process” firewood. Some of the logs are already cut. Some still need to be cut into firewood length. Once to length, there is a lot of splitting to be done. Depending on the number of people who can attend, we will be renting enough hydraulic splitters to “process” and produce a whole lot of firewood. 

Who can attend?

This kind of work requires a lot of volunteer help, a lot of wood splitters, a lot of chainsaws, a lot of hands and only one day of your time. Anyone who can carry firewood is capable of helping on this day! What should we bring? You don’t have to bring anything, but it would be helpful to bring chainsaws, gloves, or wood splitters if you have them. 


It is very important to RSVP so we will know the number of hydraulic splitters to have on hand as well as how many to prepare lunch for.

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Contact the SBC office at 517-688-3783 or email Scott Osborne with questions.