Your kids really need camp

We all need camp. Without even knowing it, your kids might be desperate for camp. Read more below about why every kid needs to get to camp this summer.


During an average week (prior to the pandemic), a middle schooler watches 2,121 minutes of television and spends 623 minutes at a computer, but only 51 minutes outdoors. Camp lets kids unplug and remain unencumbered by technology for a few days.

For Self-discovery

Camp gives kids a chance to get away, clear their heads and figure out more about who they are apart from their parents. Let's be honest with ourselves . . . kids will do this no matter what. Don't you want to decide where they'll do it? Giving them the opportunity to find that independence at camp, will give you peace of mind. Your camper will experience God in a whole new way, whether he's gone to church all his life or has never been even once. Camp is a safe place for every kid. 

Positive role models

Camp allows kids to hear the message of God's love from someone new . . . mature, fun, high-energy counselors, who will be deemed cooler than their parents! Through both scheduled and spontaneous activities, and relationships with mature, loving staff (who go through extensive training and background checks), the environment we create at Somerset Beach allows campers to deepen their relationships with Jesus. 


One study shows that 65% of parents are worried that their kids aren't getting enough time outside. A week at summer camp provides an opportunity for kids to experience nature, have new adventures and explore creation in an environment created to cultivate a life-long love for the outdoors. Immersion in nature makes people more caring and generous, and has significant benefits to a child's emotional and physical health.


A camp setting allows kids to make friends that they'll connect with and keep in touch with for a lifetime. Camp provides extended time together, without being rushed from activity to activity. Camp also gives kids space to connect with peers in a way that develops empathy.

Campers can choose to request cabinmates to attend camp with, but will also be combined with campers they don't know. By the end of the week, it can be hard to tell who came together and who just met a few days ago!

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